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We provide a full-service and comprehensive primary care practice

experienced and dedicated healthcare professionals. Some of the

services provided include but are not limited to:


Cardiac Evaluation-This involves full cardiovascular screening.

Chronic Disease Care– Such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer, 
obesity and arthritis.

Flu Shots- We offer the flu vaccine and encourage all of our patients to 
their annual shots.

 Diabetes and Hypertension Management– The goal of Emmanuel Brown MD PC is to identify patients with diabetes and hypertension and provide them with the care and resources they need in one convenient location. We focus on the patient’s medical and social needs. 
Services include medical care; patient education on managing medications and living and coping with chronic disease; nutrition counseling; foot, skin and eye care; information about community resources; and follow-up care.

DOT/School/Sports/Employment Physicals- One of the biggest parts involved in Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) acquisition is going through a DOT physical. DOT physicals must be performed by a Medical Examiner who is certified and listed on the National Registry. 
School physical, sports physical and employment physical are all important in ensuring that  the individual is fit for the assigned task and the population they work with are protected  from infectious and preventable diseases.

Lab Testing– Emmanuel Brown MD PC is equipped and conducts a variety of laboratory services on site. Thus, most lab tests can be done at your appointment.


Men’s Health– Medical care specific to health concerns of men such as prostate related conditions, erectile dysfunction, and low testosterone level.


Women’s Health– We focus on women’s health issues. Routine PAP smears and STD testing are offered.


Some other services include Personal Injuries, Preventative and Wellness Care, Routine Physical Exams, Urgent Medical Care, Weight Management and Workers Compensation injuries– Preventive care and Wellness care includes services aimed at screening for disease and identifying potential 
warning signs as early as possible. Based on the results of those screening tests and evaluations, you and your healthcare provider can develop a comprehensive plan of care aimed at preventing disease and maintaining optimal health.


Adult Primary Care

Adult Primary Care

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